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We care about people

Fondo abstracto ondulado

In our previous experiences as company managers we have lived through extremely complex situations when a selection process dragged on, or when, once the candidate was incorporated, they did not perform according to the expectations.

That is why we want to work through objectivity and meritocracy. Eliminating perceptions and offering information to those who need to make decisions. For people to really matter.

Enthusiasm and trust as the engine of change

At The Wise Seeker, programmers, system architects, UX designers, psychologists, etc... all have a single mission: to transform the HR sector with the help of technology.

Opportunities for all

Our reliable, objective, and without bias system democratizes the selection processes to provide fair opportunities for both companies and candidates.

"At The Wise Seeker we share the passion of creating a work environment that brings out the best in each team. And we want our tool to be able to help companies and candidates to achieve it."

Juan Santesmases

Founder of The Wise Seeker

Technology at the service of people

At The Wise Seeker we are very clear about what we want: for technology to help make selection processes more effective and objective. This is how we help both recruiters and candidates.

The definitive transformation of the sector

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data or cloud computing are some of the innovative elements that we use to bring possibilities to this sector that until now were non-existent.