5 HR trends for 2020 and beyond: Technology will lead and transform

Actualizado: 2 de abr de 2020

Technology has been revolutionizing the Human Resources world, and in the next decade we are going to see its development of different fields.

These are the five HR top-trends:

  • Technology and Human Resources are going to go hand in hand.

  • HR Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are becoming accessible to every business.

  • Enterprises are going to change their culture in order to adapt to a digital-born crew.

  • Companies are going to benefit from reskilling, upskilling and cross-skilling. Soft skills are going to become taught.

  • Identify, attract and acquire employees who will add value is going to be easier with talent discovery tools.

You can read more in https://cio.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/corporate-news/5-hr-trends-for-2020-and-beyond-technology-will-lead-and-transform/73754952

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