The smart match of employment and talent.

The most complete digital evaluation platform. We help find the best talent for each job.


"Our goal is to match the best talent with quality jobs. Generating bias-free matchmaking that helps candidates and companies achieve their goals."

Jose Antonio Ces

Founder of The Wise Seeker

The right talent in real time

With thousands of candidates already evaluated, the platform decides which are the most suitable to fill your vacancies

No entry costs

We adapt to all budgets so that there is not a vacancy that is not covered by the best candidate. Start for free and improve the service, only if you need it

Save time and effort

The combination of a high volume of data with the use of artificial intelligence models allows the best decisions to be made in the shortest time

Objective selection criteria

Our mission is to avoid bias during the selection process and subjective resumes. The  test results facilitate objective decision making

Combination of hard and soft skills

The evaluation of a candidate is not complete if both hard and soft skills are not addressed. The combination of both yields the necessary results to make the best decision

Maximum precision in the result

The diversity and objectivity offered by our tests provides exceptional rigor in the knowledge of the candidate and their potential. So that there are no mistakes


Objective information.
Optimal decisions.

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Our technology

The Wise Seeker is a platform that allows you to know in detail, and objectively, the talent of candidates and employees.

The user experience is optimized through adaptive tests that balance the level of difficulty of the questions based on the knowledge demonstrated.

Artificial intelligence techniques recommend evaluations and relevant jobs for the professional development of each user of the platform, based on their potential.

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Our clients

Are you going to miss it?

Find the right talent, systematically, for each job vacancy. Count on The Wise Seeker smart platform.

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Chica sentada en la ventana

Virginia Lozano
HR Telefonica

"We have been working with The Wise Seeker platform for some time and it has helped us find the candidates we were looking for in today's very difficult environment. Its speed and efficiency make the tool very reliable in person-position matching"

Hombre de oficina

Robert Evans
Pre-sales Technician

"The evaluations are dynamic and interactive and you can do only the necessary ones for the offer you want to sign up for, it definitely helps a lot to find a job simply and quickly"

Pareja caminando en acera urbana

Elizabeth Mendez

"I am delighted with how easy to use the platform is and the number of open processes that there are for candidates. What I like most about The Wise Seeker is that it leaves aside the CV so that you can prove yourself and that you are good at"