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The Wise Seeker is a digital platform that integrates with the current ecosystem by providing technology based on machine learning and gamification to help companies identify their internal talent and make their selection processes more efficient without losing effectiveness_

Seeking wisdom all around_



Our platform uses the Big Five model that evaluates personality according to five personality traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism_



Through gamification and machine learning algorithms we've developed and validated our own tests, used to assess different skills  required in different job positions_



The platform evaluates the knowledge in multiple disciplines that collect the main needs of current companies: technology, programming, marketing, finance, foreign languages, etc_



All the information managed by our platform is real because it is based on objective data from different evaluations and not on "self-declared" resumes_



Our SaaS platform is implemented in the cloud in a microservices architecture supported by kubernetes that allows total adaptation to each company_



An API REST JSON interface gives our platform total flexibility in integrating with our clients' Application Tracking Systems as well as with many other systems_

It was a recruitment process that would normally take more than two months. With The Wise Seeker platform we get the right candidate in less than a week_

How can I find a Blockchain expert if I can't understand anything about technology? This platform prevents outsourcing of experts who do not always know what they are saying_


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