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You will only pay when you find your ideal candidate.

Choose the plan that best suits you



  • The recruiter only pays if the consulting team successfully secures the requested hire.

  • The price is 15% of the selected candidate’s Gross Annual Salary.

  • In cases where more than 10 positions are requested, the price drops to 10% of the salary.



  • For a fee of 1.500€/month, the recruiter commits to a 3-month engagement during which we assist with three selection processes.

  • An additional €700 is paid for each selected candidate.



  • We conduct a set of evaluations related to the job profile of a company’s employees, complemented by a personal interview.

  • The assessment concludes with an individualized report.

  • The price is 70€ for assessment and 350€ for profile characterization

More and more of us believe that a CV doesn't reflect everything you're worth!

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